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Executive | Consultant | Digital

Martijn works with organisations facing disruption from digital transformation.

For a lot of organisations digital transformation still is an intangible concept. Understanding how technology is disrupting your industry is hard and unpredictable. I provide that outside perspective and help organisations disrupt or counter disruption in their industry. 

If your organisation is facing disruption then get in touch with me. 

Martijn Verhoeven


Martijn works at the forefront of technological development. While passionate about progress and ambitious he is also realistic. Over the course of his career Martijn founded, grew and sold companies. He collaborated, directed and managed teams of high performing professionals delivering world class outcomes providing significant value for money both short term as well as longer term for clients, community and stakeholders. Martijn has a strong mix of experience working in, with and for organisations from small to large.



the status quo, because if you don’t, someone else will.


better ways of doing things to provide a competitive advantage.


everyone and everything to create the most sustainable solutions. 


to what is possible ensuring you make the most out of what is available.


results that work and deliver outcomes rather than words that promise.


the people around you to be the best version of themselves they can be. 

Let’s Start a Conversation

I am based in Wellington, NZ. I work in person as well as remotely and I am happy to come and meet you anywhere in New Zealand or the world.